誰也沒想、大陸出的 Nintendo Wii盜錄強了吧。先打開時、看了也很可笑、但是想想、中國人是要有很好的電子工程系直覺才可能做出這樣超小的電動機。Vii的裡面就有兩個小東西、一種6×6小型電路板和一塊金屬加重量。



アメリカにいますから日本とアメリカの携帯は日本の方がいいですね。それで、このCMを見て「すごいな。。。」を言いましたね。日本人にはこの携帯がままで機能とデザインはあまりうまくないんです。もちろんアメリカはワンセグ対応と「クィアースクリーンアクション」がありませんよ!でもみんな大好きなBoAさんでこの携帯はとても可愛い、とてもクルですようね。僕はこれがほしいですよね、けだ悲しいことにアメリカと日本のGSM Frequencyは違います。やっているよ!

Toshiba Play-T サイト (日本語)

too much olympic happiness


naomoji-kun paper gets a logo



alan begins devil may cry 4


Devil May Cry 4

After finishing up Assassin’s Creed, I needed something else to play. What else to replace a brain-intensive “stealth-kill” game than with a well-tuned, powerful beat-em-up? Devil May Cry 4 is, so far, the true successor to the extremely difficult original, at least gameplay wise. Let’s hope the game stays as good as it is right now.

stephen colbert holds iPhone upside down, alan dissapointed on many levels


Stephen Colbert holds iPhone upside down

On his Tuesday 12. August 2008 show, Stephen Colbert pretended to use his iPhone. Why do I say “pretended”?

Because Colbert holds it upside down; and as such loses all coolness, any chance of getting an iPhone 3G, and my Democratic bid.

ralph lauren team usa clothes are cool, still too expensive for alan


Polo Team USA MalePolo USA Team Female

With both Polo polos shown above, Ralph Lauren’s Team USA Olympic clothing line is cool looking. Unfortunately, at $100 USD+, I’m out of the drawing. Anyhow, well done Ralph Lauren, you’ve lived up to Roots’ previous well-done olympic clothing.

live-blogging from SFO airport


Unicorn at SFO
BloggingLuggageRandom SFO picture

I’m sitting at the San Francisco airport waiting for my red-eye flight to take off. Above are photos of my stuffed unicorn, random luggage picture, random guy who asked me to watch his computer, and more random pictures.

informational stanford signs warn student about car-bike collisions


Stanford bike sign

I had meant to write about this earlier, but I finally got a picture of the warning signs that are taking over the Stanford campus. The above sign’s purpose is obvious: don’t ride your bikes into cars. It’s dangerous. You may get hurt. Stanford students, with their lack of common sense, must of course rely on these signs for daily survival.

stanford is a brand


Stanford jars
Stanford foam fingerStanford caps

I thought Harvard was bad, but apparently good ol’ Stanford has caught the branding syndrome as well. Above pictures are from the Stanford Bookstore; my recent trip gave me a new look at their updated product line: wheel caps, foodstuff, and big foam fingers.

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