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Sleepless in Tokyo

Filed under: Uncategorized June 3, 2007 @ 2:59 pm

What the hell is it with movie titles? I’ve been thinking nonstop about movie titles ever since I saw that annoying ad on the T about “how many titles* live and let die another day…” blah blah can you think of?”

How many movie inspired blog post titles can I relate my life to?

3 something AM. So maybe it’s the jetlag, but somehow I feel that I’ve written another blog post with this same title. Then again, I did watch Deja Vu on the plane. AMAZING service. out of nowhere I was offered a thoroughly frozen Haagen Dazs. mmmm. Besides Deja Vu I watched Stranger than Fiction and The Holiday. (by the end the selection was getting low – it was either a romantic comedy or [shudder] foreign films). What the hell is up all these new avant garde, emo/ white-audience movies? You know, the kind that SG at UCSC likes? You know the kind I’m talking about… Little Miss Sunshine, Garden State, Napoleon Dynamite, now Stranger than Fiction? I feel like slitting my wrists by the end.

I am totally not working right now. I should be learning about finance basics, but I’m not.


  1. SG:

    In all fairness, I really disliked napoleon dynamite. Skype sometime…

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