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First Day of “Work” – The Aftermath

Filed under: Uncategorized June 4, 2007 @ 5:55 pm

I never knew that sitting for 9 hours could be so tiring. Well, actually I do know. Like sitting on a plane. But at least on the plane I could select my preference of entertainment options. At work, on the first day, I only had one channel: corporate presentations. Corporate finance, asset management, etc. blah blah blah…

Anyways the people seem sorta cool. We’re all living in one place, for the most part.

I got my bank card today. Total savings: 0 yen. Payday is 2 weeks away.

The coordinator also pressured me to get a cell phone. Only problem is, I can’t apply for one as a foreigner. I’ve got less rights in Japan than Dredd Scott in 1854. Did I get the year wrong? I apologize for that.

I’m making some progress. By 8pm last night I was tired as fuck. I woke up an hour later than the night before. 3.15am. That’s just great.

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  1. K:

    I don’t think Dred Scott could apply for a cell phone either.

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