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last two months, considered

Filed under: Uncategorized July 30, 2007 @ 9:48 am

well, not that i expect anyone to be actually reading this (after all, it is my fault for not updating in the last 7 weeks)
but i’m trying to be more proactive about this.

so in the last two weeks i went to see my homestay parents, hung out with K+gang almost every weekend, got addicted to medallion games, got drunk for the first time in my life, and injured my foot.

the last two happened on the same night, unsurprisingly.

oh, and i stood next to a tranny on the subway train last week. that was really awkward, because he wasn’t very convincing.

anyways, the conference is getting closer and i have no idea what to do. i feel a little better, because neither does anyone else, and they’re scared shitless too. which means that people at least share in some of my pain. that’s right. i’m an evil person.

i think the last two months have been really interesting. i have to admit that i’m still scared of heading out into the workforce, but after this experience i have less to fear. somehow i always treated entering the working world as some kind of transformation by which i turn into some sort of corporate zombie. now i realize that’s only *partially* true. i think that at this point [for me], the worlds of school and work melt into each other, without any clear, distinguishing line.

why do i say that? well, for one it’s okay to still act like a kid sometimes. working is just entering the next grade up for me. which means after my senior year i’ll be like a…17th grader. only at work, there’s probably also another 30 or 40 grades after that. which of course means lots of bullying. but that’s alright. i’ve never been bullied in my life.

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  1. Steven G.:

    drunk for the first time in your life? are you kidding?

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