Problems Student May Face While Studying/Pursuing Their Career


Student life is full of struggles. Budget, time, job, everything matters more in students’ life. It’s hard studying this way. Every student experience difficulties and overcoming it is what matters. Everywhere and every student experiences same trouble through education phase. And they all try to do something out of it. Every student tries hard to come out of it and try looking for answers.


Here are the problems a student may face while studying. And here we also present answers on how to overcome it. Read ahead find out about it with us-

  • Low motivation

Every student faces a phase when they lack the motivation to go through the same routine of study, daily chores and by the end of the semester they have nothing to enjoy about and by the end of the month, they want to disappear. On top of it when the mark is less, everything goes downhill. It may happen that the student is stressed and tired. Also, you may not find the subject very interesting. This is the main reason for lacking behind. You need to change your company or mingle with people more if you don’t. Look out for things that motivate you. That makes the best for you and your career.

  • Too many distractions

There are so many things a student wonders about television shows, relationships, party, video games or games. These all factors distract the students from achieving the target set. If you’re feeling too much distracted you need to change your working environment. One should create an environment that helps in increasing the productivity. Eliminate all of the weakness and bad vibes from your life. Try using things that just don’t distract you in any possible way. Remember all things are going to get nowhere in life unless you are professional in any of these and earning way too good. But still, education has an importance that nothing can achieve.

  • Student Loan

The student loan is a boon for students lacking money but the biggest hurdle for future. You need to pay the bills, EMI’s and it stress you out. It is fine as it will have to because it is something very important. The stress is so much that the student loses all of the confidence in order to make the ends meet. You need to manage the time and set the timetable straight. And keep a check on all of the money. Student loan also means that your grade should be straight A’s and nothing less which exhausts every student with so much of study and nothing extras.

These are some of the problems that a student faces in his/her daily life while studying. Always be motivated, do what you love and don’t be under pressure. Nothing is going to come out of it. There are many ways you can be productive for your own good. Be in a good environment, with good people and indulge in activities that keep your mind and body healthy.

How to Ace the Abitur (Exams) – Tips And Tricks


Germany is one of the most developed countries that is out there and it holds some of the most prestigious exams in the world. The Abiturzeugnis being one of these exams. For any student, this is one of the most important career defining exam in their lives. On the basis of this exam, the universities to which a student can apply to are decided.

The Abitur is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly as it can be a well-defined criterion for applying to some professions as well. Many banks in Germany have made it compulsory for employees to have taken the Abitur tests and have scored at least some good enough scores. Thus this really is a matter that needs to be taken with seriousness.

About Abitur

The Abitur is a newer system that has come into play into the German education system. The predecessor to the Abitur were the Hauptschule or Realschule tests. These tests have been eradicated and a new and a better system has been placed in the form of the Abitur which is quite different than these tests.


Passing the Abitur requires any student to score at least 280 marks and students failing to do so automatically fail in on the exam. An ideally a great score comes in the range of 780 to 840 marks which amounts a grade point of a perfect 10.

Today we are going to have a look at the ways through which you can get a good enough grade point for yourself to land into a good university.

  • Planning

Going without a plan to war is useless, here your war is the Abitur and you need to triumph in this war. you’d need to make regular study plans and routines to practice each and every aspect of the subjects that you’d get in the main exam to score well in it.

  • Managing your time

All study and no play make Jack a dull boy – a famous English saying that holds true for any student out there. Studying for hours would have no use if you are not physically fit for your exam. Thus you need to understand how to manage your times between studies and breaks. creating a timetable can help you in tackle this situation and you can easily divide proportional time to studies and break according to the needs.

  • Practicing a lot

Practice makes a man perfect. This great saying will truly have a great impact on your test results. If you practice a lot of mock question papers and score well in them, then chances are that you would score similarly in the actual exam too.

  • During The Exams

The tests are going to be some of the simplest one if you study hard and smart enough. Use your time to make the most out of it during the exam as mostly it is a race against the clock for a student instead of the questions. Take your time to read and understand each and every question so that you can answer them correctly.

Stay calm and composed and you’d find yourself with good grades.

Cross-cultural communication


Cross-cultural communication deals with the study of the similarity in the trends of communication between people of different cultures as they communicate within themselves and people of different cultures. It is an imperative for the company having a diverse workforce to understand the importance of cross-cultural communication to yield a more productive and efficient workforce. For a business to be successful at a global level the understanding of how to communicate effectively with individuals who speak another language is crucial in order to reach the same common goal.


To do so, different countries have come up with different communication training programs to deal with the communication barrier and avoid team dysfunction. There is focus made on business language training courses, leadership, and management skills as well as consultancy. Some of the training methods in different countries are listed below:

  • India

There are many consulting firms in India which provide cross-cultural training for languages spread all across the world. With the help of interactive workshops facilitated by experienced professionals, they advise beyond the list of cultural dos and don’ts and seek to build cultural intelligence and intercultural communication competence. Providing services to people ranging from IT professionals to business consultants, training is given which focuses on accurately assessing and developing interventions to impact business results. Importance is given to acknowledging and understanding the large religious and cultural differences which are present within the country itself, which also contributes to a more functional workforce. (no link available)

  • Germany

Germany is easily one of Europe’s most populous nations with the largest economy, being a key player in international economic relations. It is a given that they attend to a very diverse workforce. Their cross –cultural training entails understanding the deep regional identities while at the same time also conveying the importance of culture. To be successful in today’s global business environment, developing successful business strategies and valuable business relationships, it is crucial to understand the German traditions. Communication training in Germany focuses on the dos and don’ts on the basic business etiquettes, communication styles and the facts and myths about the German culture, to read more about it visit here.

  • United States

Being a business superpower in the world, the communication training program for cross-cultural communication follows certain policies and principles for students as well as the working class. This ensures that there is a maximum understanding between cross-cultural business deals and a functional team workforce. The United States has the largest and most technologically powerful economy in the world. As a result, the influence of the USA on global business is undeniable with many large organizations. Communication training in the USA focuses on the historical, social, and economic development as well as the key communication tools and skills to understand the social subtleties and nuances. It also focuses on the concept of multiculturalism.

All in all, cross-cultural communication is a very restrictive barrier in business and its understanding it strategically important to companies due to the growth of global business, technology, and the Internet. Understanding cross-cultural communication is important for any company that has a diverse workforce or plans on conducting global business. Different countries have different communication training programs in order for its workforce to be vocally equipped in business cultures.

Steps To Follow While Applying For University


Studying abroad has always been an exciting thing for all the students who have been looking out for pursuing higher studies. Studying abroad not only is an exciting journey but also requires a certain amount of preparation and research to be done in advance by the students. Every country has a different set of exams conducted and documentation required in order to take admissions into their universities.


The following steps should be followed while applying for any universities that are located abroad.

  1.  Meet an academic counselor

Every exam that is conducted requires some sort of guidance given by an expert. Try to reach out to a counselor who deals with foreign admissions. He will guide you through all the procedures and preparation required for these exams.

  1. Choose the right program

Based on your preference and interest you should choose a program you want to continue for higher studies. The following factors should be kept in mind while choosing a course abroad-

  1. Content of the course
  2. Duration of the course
  3. Fees of the course
  4. Scope in the future
  5. Placement facility in the University
  6. Alumni base
  7. Location of University


  1. Apply for the program

After short listing the course you want to pursue, look for the colleges that provide the course. Once the college’s list has been preparing. Apply to them via their official websites and pay the admission fee if it is applicable. During the application procedure, you will be given instruction and documents required in order to take entry into that particular college.

  1. Apply for financial aid

Many universities and colleges provide scholarships to students coming from places outside their country. The students should ask the counselors to apply for these scholarships in advance. These scholarships make a big difference in the whole fee structure and make the studying all the more affordable for Indian students. These benefits are given to meritorious students.

  1. Preparation for departure

After getting the confirmation from the university you the want to study in, you should go ahead with applying for a visa and passport. Medical certificates, TC from the previous institute, travel insurance etc should be carried along by the student. The student should look for college accommodation in order to cut down on conveyance expenditure. The student should also apply for a language program if the country he is going to does not follow the English language.

Precautions to be kept in mind

  1. Get in touch with the culture and living style of the place as early as possible.
  2. Learn a few dishes that you can cook with the items available in that city
  3. Carry clothes according to the place you are going in.
  4. Be comfortable with the language of the country you are going in
  5. Prepare for the tests during your last semester of school.


Studying abroad completely shapes up your personality. It gives you the exposure that your country alone cannot give. You get to know people from across the globe and broaden your perspectives. It is a must-have experience for all the students that are out there.

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