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Lawyers and Docs: Securing Your Dot-Pro Domain Name


An article in today’s Washington Post, The Internet Gets Its Pro, says a new domain extension, “dot-pro”, just for lawyers, docs, and accountants (and other professionals?) will go live in July. Those pros who work to maintain an online persona will want to consider snagging their firm or personal name, if not for use in marketing and identity management, at least as a defensive move in avoiding confusion of your “personal brand” by others using domain names that could be associated or confused with you and yours.
Designed to free up the demand on domain names in the dot-com, dot-net and dot-org space, unfortunately, these additional domain names will saddle those who do want to secure their online identities with ownership of multiple domain names that they buy and park for defensive positioning.

Can Enough Traffic Beat an Electronic Path?


Question… Will repeated users clicking along the same chain of hyperlinks, beat down a path in the network? In other words, can users literally/metaphorically beat a path to your web site’s door? Does a well-beaten path transfer information quicker than a less traveled path? (This type of thing does happen in the brain doesn’t it?) Or is it only something that Google would recognize and not the network itself? And finally, does taking the path less traveled by really make all the difference? Okay, that was several questions… and too much green tea!

Intro to Web Logs for Law Marketing


I wrote a short introductory piece on blogs as a new tool for legal marketing for Strategies, The Legal Marketing Journal, a publication of the Legal Marketing Association. While the piece is not comprehensive in scope, it does provide a brief look at how blogs are being used in the legal world to disseminate information as well as “brand” individuals or firms as subject area experts. I will post the article here and here once it is published.

Below are links and resources offered as a companion to the piece for further study.


New Kids on the Blog

An excellent general interest overview of the blog phenomenon.

and the Courts

Covers the growing recognition and importance of blogs in
the legal arena.

Blog in Every Law Firm?

Networking, research, knowledge management — there’s
great potential in this nifty kind of Web site.

Knowledge Publishing and Its Uses

An excellent in-depth analysis, history and examination of
the weblog phenomenon and applications in knowledge management.

Role in Bringing Down Trent Lott

USC Annenberg Online Journalism Review’s account of the

Are Conversations

A discussion of how electronic communications foster business

That Comes To You

More on syndicating blog and web content for distribution
to other via RSS feeds and news aggregation software. A great example of this is The Daily Whirl, which aggregates legal headlines daily.


One of the most popular blogs at the current time.

A blog of Goldstein Howe PC, a small Washington, D.C. firm specializing
in Supreme Court litigation that tracks recent developments.

the Attorney

This pop law blog maintains a handy expanding directory to
other law related blogs.

An excellent resource on a variety of law and technology topics,
with a subsection
dedicated exclusively to blogs

At Harvard Law

Access news and a full directory of web blogs taking shape
at Harvard
hosted by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

Yale Journal of Law and Technology
Self titled: also referred to as YJoLT.

search tools:

A current events search engine that exclusively searches news
sites and top
web logs, and ranks top news stories daily by link popularity
among news

Search and track blogs via this MIT blog project.

log development tools:





Thoughts on Social Software


Hi bloggers… Here’s an interesting item regarding social software arguing that search engine standout Google is tops in class (see Google Best Example of Social Software). It provides links to some interesting points such as this one: “Social software is political science in executable form.” That statement comes from this article, Social Software and the Politics of Groups. Also to pique your interest: “…designers of social software have more in common with economists or political scientists than they do with designers of single-user software, and operators of communal resources have more in common with politicians or landlords than with operators of ordinary web sites.”
You can sign up there for Clay Shirky’s “Networks, Economics, and Culture” mailing list. Let me know what you think about this guy.

As far as deciding how to use this blog, well, I guess it’s gonna happen naturally… organically. As a student of communications, I am interested in blogs as a communication medium and the blog’s impact on traditional media. I also work in marketing, and more specifically law marketing, and more specifically still e-marketing.

Word Cam: Patriot’s Day


While I’m still deciding how to use this blog, I’m posting this Word Cam as I think it nicely sets the mood. A Word Cam is a concept I created that I define as: “1. A device for capturing a moment using the technology of words. 2. An opportunity to pause and reflect and connect.” And I maintain a Word Cam site on Blogger.com. Enjoy.

Patriot’s Day
Earlier this morning, the curious racket of fife and drum drove me and the cat to the window to peer down upon freedom trail trodding, tri-cornered hat wearing soldiers marching three abreast. Here, three floors above the street in Charlestown, I listen to Dick Gordon’s Day 6 in Bagdad, and in the next room Channel 5 broadcasts from Hopkinton where 20,000 runners prepare to invade the city bringing with them the brighter side of the human spirit. Having just returned from watering yesterday’s planting of pansies, I check in on the Harvard blog project. And when the spine tingling roar of military jets reaches my neighborhood, again I rush to the window, knowing the marathon has begun, and feeling for a moment conflicted. Excited by this awesome display of power and the obvious relationships and contrasts to the morning’s earlier patriots, I am washed in a spring breeze and awash in an increased awareness of these powers and freedoms, and the opinions and emotions, motivations, commitments and traditions that inspire people to run, to plant, to kill, to debate, to blog, to push ahead and to remember. Looking out at this beautiful day, I am aware of how connected we all are at any given moment, and wondering how many shades of gray there really are anyhow.

My Hahvahd Blawg


Thanks to my harvard email address, I am allowed to be part of the great blog experiment. Now to find a niche…

It Worked!


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It Worked!


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