Law firm web trends in sales and service era

As clients of law firms are demanding value outside of the billable hour and want firms to demonstrate specific, recent, relevant experience, web sites are playing an ever important role in a firm’s ability to differentiate itself and demonstrate expertise, according to HubbardOne‘s Chris Turk at the LSSO Raindance Conference in Boston June 14.

Said Turk, web teams are being asked to do more with less, which is moving the trend away from expensive personalized web sites toward integration of more efficient web technologies such as: blogs, topical mini-sites, online seminars, rss, and marketing automation systems that integrate firm info into proposal templates for delivery as paper or on-line.

Some stats:
– 74% of large law firms gained clients whose first awareness of firm was through web
(Touchpoint Metrics study of 12 month period).
– 64% of general counsel use the web sites of firms they hire
(Internet Marketing Attorney)

He also pointed out a couple of web sites, Employer’s Deskbook and State HIPAA Study, that are putting commoditized legal information online virtually turning legal services into on-line businesses.

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