Workshop Helps Lawyers Address Bus. Development Tasks

When it comes to law firm sales and marketing, there are a hundred ways
to skin the cat — and plenty of lessons and inspiration to draw on from other industries. Jim Hassett’s workshop (which I attended Nov. 9 at the Westin
Hotel in Waltham) titled “Increase Rainmaking Results,”
looked at consumer advertisements to provide inspiration and lessons in
influence to apply to law firm business development. Hassett, president
and founder of the the Advertraining Group, Inc.
and author of AdverSelling, points to 26 specific techniques from which
lawyers can choose to help kick start activities for creating new
business. My take away from the class — there are lots of ways to do
it, so concentrate on those activities that target the “low hanging
fruit” and are best matched to your own interests and situation. My
personal favorites: “talk to existing clients about new business needs”
and “scheduling non-billable client satisfaction meetings” to review
client relationships.

His workbook serves as a useful idea generator and helps walk lawyers
through the process to select action items that they can put in place
immediately. In addition to offering the course to small groups of
attorneys from a single firm (5-8), Hassett offers individual follow-up
and coaching. For more information, see his web site at and his web log Law Firm Business Development.

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