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If you came here looking for my web site SEO tips, you’ve come to the wrong place! A law firm management newsletter incorrectly attributed content from my article Top Ten Ways To Improve Your Web Site’s Search Engine Ranking to this blog. The article is published on my web site, just click on the link above to read it.

The article where this information appeared (without permission) is titled “Law Firm Marketing Now Dependent on Search Engine Optimization” and it has a few problems. Even though I am a big proponent of search engine optimization of web sites, I believe this title is misleading and certainly overstates the importance of SEO to law firm marketing. Also the article confuses search engine optimization with search engine marketing — two distinct but related activities. And at least one of the recommendations (“#5. Make optimized keywords an active link in e-mail correspondence”) has no impact on your web site’s search engine ranking. So if you’re a subscriber to IOMA’s Law Office Management & Administrative Report, reader beware. (At least they spelled my name correctly!)

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One comment on “My Web Site SEO Tips
  1. Thomas says:

    Interesting article. You could also add to this list the fact of having keyword rich URL, which can be done with some URL rewriting…it really improves the search engine positioning of a site.