Summer Reading: Bookmarks Outside Your Box

tinis1.jpgHurray! It’s Summer! Time to reboot… refresh… relax… and read something outside the realm of your everyday worklife. Here are a few bookmarks from my vacation week reading, that while outside the box of legal marketing, have some interesting ideas and lessons that apply. I always find it refreshing and inspirational to read information from other niches or industries and apply it to my world. Here are a few you may find of interest too. Enjoy!

Your customers are silently judging you right now

Consumer Goods:
Slideshow: Knowing When It’s Time for a Packaging Makeover
Article: What a Packaging Makeover Can Do For Your Company

Business C-suite:
The Most Dangerous Job in Business
It’s the chief marketing officer. Chances are, yours is just leaving.

Give ‘Em Something To Talk About
Your product may be good, but will it spark a conversation?

Lemonade Stands:
Slideshow: 10 Tips for Creating the Coolest Lemonade Stand Ever

Design Thinking:

CEOs Must Be Designers, Not Just Hire Them

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