From Worst to First: Sales and Marketing Lessons from the Boston Celtics

celts.jpgIn his article, Building a Winner, available at, John O. Cunningham provides a rundown of what law firms can learn from the marketing and sales efforts of the Boston Celtics.

Rich Gotham, president of the Celtics, was a featured speaker recently at the LSSO Raindance Conference, where he detailed many of the ways the Celtics “turned it around” — from having the worst record in the NBA to having the best record, sell-out crowds and the number one selling NBA logo — using a focused sales approach.

In the article, Cunningham relays a story by Gotham (who is a former president of a Boston high-tech company) about his having an epiphany regarding how to revamp the ailing franchise. “You don’t win to sell tickets; you sell tickets to win.”

Gotham led a cultural shift in thinking for the franchise, focusing on the mantra that “you need a great marketing effort most when you are losing and the team is down.” He also preached that “success is not the result of one thing, but comes from paying attention to a thousand little things”…

Some of the 10 lessons for law firms described at length in the article are:

1. Selling – moving from a 4-person sales team to a 35-person sales organization
2. Pricing and Metrics – adopting sophisticated regression analysis
3. Alternative Fee Arrangements – 240 different price points
4. Doing Customer Surveys – who buys, who doesn’t and why
5. Public Relations – a conscious effort to be visible during their
darkest hours

For more, download the full article at:

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