Was It Good for You?

Are you pleasing your client? Asking them directly may not be the best way to get a straight answer. Rather, deepening the relationship by learning what their needs and expectations are is a better way to go. Much has been written on this topic by legal marketers, but when it comes from the mouth of GCs it’s better advice.

In GC’s Pet Peeves, Michael C. Ross of GC California Magazine, canvassed some current and former GCs, and comes up with these peeves that continue to bother in-house counsel:

  • quality,
  • service,
  • cost, and
  • relationship issues.

Wow. Those are real basics. The article findings suggest that attorneys who think they are satisfying their clients, had better think again.

If outside counsel still aren’t pleasing their clients, that’s a hopeful situation for those who want to make an impression. How to accomplish it? One way, writes Ed Poll in Law Practice Today, is client status reports. According to Poll, client communication is synonymous with client satisfaction. Read Status Symbol: Status Reports Illustrate the Collaboration that Builds Client Loyalty for a quick guide on how to define and structure the conversation that builds trust, loyalty and satisfaction.

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