9 Things To Do AFTER You Write that Law Firm Press Release

As a follow up to my previous post, Putting the ‘Power of the Press’ To Work for Your Law Firm or Business, here are 9 things you can do to leverage your website news item.

1. Optimize it. Make sure it takes strategic advantage of the page title and description meta tags and uses good SEO techniques.

2. Tweet it on your firm-branded Twitter page, or via individual attorney Twitter accounts.

3. Share it on firm’s Facebook page.

4. Share some more. Ask attorneys and firm professionals to share it via their Facebook and/or Linkedin accounts as appropriate. (Sometimes you need to gently remind them to do this.)

5. Send traditional press release to local, targeted media when appropriate.

6. Consider e-distribution. Is there value in sending out via a web PR outlet such as PRweb or another similar site?

7. Post it. Add to local business newspaper websites or events pages as allowed.

8. Push it. Consider adding a link to the news item from your next e-newsletter if appropriate.

9. Blog it. Consider making mention of, and link to news item from your blog, if it adds value in any way.

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