Top Legal Marketing Tip for 2015: Make Current Clients a Priority

Stacy West Clark has published an excellent article on The Legal Intelligencer titled, Marketing Activities That Will Pay Off the Most in 2015. I love these kind of articles, especially at the beginning of a new year, as they help attorneys and other professionals get back to basics and be more strategic and focused about which marketing efforts to spend their valuable time on.

Clark outlines 15 things attorneys should be doing now to grow revenue this year. And 15 things might seem like a lot to do and may turn off many a lawyer. So, I’m going to offer a bold concept: If 15 things seem insurmountable to you, then consider concentrating on just the top tip on her list…

1. Make your current clients a priority

Writes Clark:

It is still true that most of your work will come from current clients. The more matters in different practice areas you are handling for them, the better. Aim to cross-sell three to five different services of your firm to each client. Also look for ways to ratchet up service to your clients as law firms around the country are talking about providing uber service to differentiate them from the competition and keep clients happy. You need to get on this bandwagon too. Don’t just talk outstanding client service—provide it. Give out your cell and home phone. Visit clients off the clock to learn about their business. Research their industry and understand their challenges. Look for ways to audit and troubleshoot their standard operating procedures and prevent them from being in trouble. Check in frequently with your clients for the sole purpose of making sure they are happy with your services and improve any areas where they are not.

In my many years as a legal marketer, I have heard this advice again and again from marketing consultants and directly from law firm clients and corporate counsel when asked to provide insight into the best things attorneys can do to win their business and improve the client relationship. See previous posts on the topic…

So, if you are limited on time, heed Clark’s advice for marketing activity #1. And if you have a bit more time, heed #2…

2. Make spoiling your referral sources a second high priority.

Click here to read Clark’s full article and 13 other worthwhile marketing activities.

In a nutshell, Clark boils down the basic tasks of lawyer marketing. Attention to these details will help you to grow your business in 2015. All you have to do is follow her advice.

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