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10 Steps To Build A Better Blog


Happy New Year! If you resolve to blog more in 2018, here is a blueprint of sorts for building a better blog. Lawyers can use these 10 tips as a template for focusing your writing and making your posts easier for clients to read, understand and remember. Regular quality blogging will raise your visibility in […]

SEO’s Role in Your Attorney Marketing Strategy


Why Attorneys Shouldn’t Obsess about SEO I recently had a law firm client ask me to come in and help them to better understand how SEO (search engine optimization) works. I thought it was great that attorneys were interested in this level of marketing detail. And I was happy to help explain the unexplainable (how […]

Spring Cleaning Your Law Firm Website


Keeping your website up to date is really important. And, I know, I know… it’s really difficult for busy professionals to do. (I admit, I’ve had a hard time keeping this blog up to date.) So let the onset of Spring inspire you to renew at least some of the most important items on your […]

Is Your Law Firm Website Mobile Responsive Yet?


How your website’s age could soon impact your web visibility Google has been encouraging website owners for some time now to build websites that use web programming languages HTML5 and CSS3 to be “mobile responsive” — if, that is, they care about how Google will rank them for web queries from mobile devices. Recently Google […]

Top Legal Marketing Tip for 2015: Make Current Clients a Priority


Stacy West Clark has published an excellent article on The Legal Intelligencer titled, Marketing Activities That Will Pay Off the Most in 2015. I love these kind of articles, especially at the beginning of a new year, as they help attorneys and other professionals get back to basics and be more strategic and focused about […]

Legal Services Predictions and Trends for 2014


Here is a collection of informative trend pieces and prognostications on where legal services is headed. If you have other resources you would like to add to this list, please use the comment feature to add them. Legal Industry Predictions for 2014 and Beyond from Lexis Nexis Matters of Practice Blog 21 Expert Predictions for […]

Technology Disruption Takes Hold on Big Law


I don’t pretend to be any type of analyst on the legal industry, but I do recognize an important article when I see one. Anyone working in legal services should find reading Who’s eating law firms’ lunch? by Rachel Zahorsky and William D. Henderson for the ABA Journal of great interest. It’s the bits-to-bytes paradigm […]

Why Attorneys Hate Marketing


John O. Cunningham has worked as an attorney, a legal reporter and a marketing and communications consultant and is especially well suited to write an article on why lawyers seem so resistant to the business of promoting their business. John was inspired to write the article from a Linkedin group discussion, but writes about his […]

Hallelujah! Tweets No Longer Autopost to Linkedin. This Will Improve Linkedin Experience.


I’ve been ranting for months about how Linkedin is not Twitter. And just because I’m connected to you on Linkedin doesn’t mean I want to read your copious, not-my-main industry tweets! If I did, I would follow you on Twitter. (Please don’t take it personally.) I like both services, but each has its own purpose. […]

Important Basics for Your Content Marketing Strategy


I just read a great blog post by Hinge Marketing’s Professional Marketing Blog, Rethinking Thought Leadership: 7 Tips for Gaining New Clients. It nicely describes how professionals should approach writing for their website, blog, etc. I’ve been telling my clients the same basic things for years, and thought this post might help reinforce the points […]

Three Steps to More Fame and Fortune in 2012


Whether you are a sole professional, marketing director or managing partner, find a way to require yourself or your law firm to meet these three basic requirements to get more from your professional network in 2012. 1. Create More Content Write more articles that address your clients’ and potential clients’ most relevant concerns. Having excellent […]

What If Paul Revere Was on Twitter?


If you’ve read the popular book The Tipping Point, you know that the key to the success of Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride was not so much the speed or distance that he rode, or the volume of his cries, but his unique trait as a “connector” which gave him the social capital to spread the warning of the […]

7 Tips and Take-aways from LMANE2011


Perhaps the overwhelming message coming out of the LMA New England Regional Conference, Lawyers v. Technology, which took place this week in Boston, is that social media are not going away despite many a lawyer’s reluctance to embrace them. Luckily, legal marketers seem to be willing to continue to push the adoption of social media […]

9 Things To Do AFTER You Write that Law Firm Press Release


As a follow up to my previous post, Putting the ‘Power of the Press’ To Work for Your Law Firm or Business, here are 9 things you can do to leverage your website news item. 1. Optimize it. Make sure it takes strategic advantage of the page title and description meta tags and uses good […]

Putting the Power of the Press To Work for Your Law Firm or Business


“Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.” — A. J. Liebling The web turns everyone and every business into a publisher. And your website is your press. Now, you have the freedom and the power to decide what is “news” for your business, organization or firm, and you have the […]

Content for SEO, Simplified


Click on graphic for larger version. Enjoy!

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish — Steve Jobs

ø’s home page on October 5, 2011 Steve Jobs Commencement Speech at Stanford 2005 Watch it again on YouTube

Law Firms, Are You Taking Advantage of Linkedin Company Pages?


Social media platforms are constantly evolving, and just when you think you’ve figured it all out, a new feature or new layout comes along, that makes you feel like a beginner all over again. For example, did you know that Linkedin now has Company Pages (more than just Company Profiles) that give law firm marketers […]

Boston-area Law Firm Interest in Twitter Growing


About a year ago I conducted a review of the Largest 100 law firms in Massachusetts (as compiled by the Boston Business Journal) to see how many firms had created (or at least claimed) a firm-branded Twitter account. One year ago, a scant 15% of firms had claimed or were actively tweeting under the firm […]

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