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Legal Services Predictions and Trends for 2014


Here is a collection of informative trend pieces and prognostications on where legal services is headed. If you have other resources you would like to add to this list, please use the comment feature to add them.

Legal Industry Predictions for 2014 and Beyond from Lexis Nexis Matters of Practice Blog

21 Expert Predictions for the Legal Industry in 2014 from Lexis Nexis Make More Rain Blog

Bob Denny’s 25th Annual Trends Report: What’s Hot and What’s Not in the Legal Profession

Legal Trends in 2014 from Lumen Legal

BTI Consulting Research (brief summary of research reports for purchase) – Litigation to Surge and Litigation Outlook 2014

Mass. Lawyers Weekly 2013 “Real Rate Report”  Who’s Charging What in the Legal Community

More Salary Data from Robert Half

Report on the State of the Legal Market: Highlights and link to the 2014 report from The Center for the Study of the Legal Profession at the Georgetown University Law Center and Thomson Reuters Peer Monitor in the Hildebrandt Institute Blog

Who’s Eating Law Firms’ Lunch? ABA Journal


Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish — Steve Jobs


So Begins My 10th Year of Blogging!


Put on your blogging cap!Somehow I became aware of the fact that this month marks my 9th anniversary as a blogger. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and I’ve shared a lot of it here. Anyhow, I think it is a milestone worth mentioning.

I started out on the Blogger.com platform and had several blogs there before settling in here at Amy Campbell’s Web Log. See what one of my earliest blog posts looked like here at Content Loop — it’s my first rant.

Web Effect: Turning the Mass Media Model on its Head

It’s really amazing how on target it is today!

To all the bloggers out there that helped me learn by watching, reading and doing, ‘thanks!’

What This Blog Is About



Here’s a visual representation (or tag cloud) of what this blog is about. It was created using Wordle.net, a tag cloud generator. It works with any web page URL or you can input your own text. Try it. It’s fun. : )

Celebrating Teamwork ala Celtics



Not that this town “needed” a parade, but getting one in a particular shade of Green was especially inspiring and gratifying to anyone who believes that true teamwork trumps a loose collection of individual talent.

See related post: Sales and Marketing Lessons of Boston Celtics

Things That Make You Go, Hmm…


I just read this post over on Charles Green’s Trust Matters (a blog I keep up with via Legal Marketing Reader):

Hey! Your Company Just Turned Into a Supply Chain!

Green describes how to rethink the way we do business, which is changing from happening within the big firm (top down management), to happening between companies (outsourced partners). It’s no longer a world of competition, but one of collaboration.

I enjoy little gems like this that can present a complex concept in such simple terms. Read this post, then consider how you might apply supply chain sourcing to legal services or whatever business you’re in. Thanks Charles!

48 Tips for Better Writing, Reporting


Valuable footprints from this month’s National Writers Workshop in Hartford, Connecticut have been left on this Poynteronline blog, 48 Tips in 48 Hours, a collection of practical reporting and writing ideas. Even if you’re not a reporter with a beat, many of these tips are applicable to many kinds of writing and general business situations. A few of my favorites:

  • #7: Keep it simple… (click through to read more)
  • #23: Write a killer lead…
  • #21: Rewrite the lead… and the whole damn thing…
  • #26: Be the expert…
  • #40: Ask yourself why do my readers care about this topic now?

Amy’s 2006 Top Ten Web Diversions


Here’s my annual internet stocking stuffed with what’s trendy, newsworthy and just plain fun in web content. Get ready for hours of viewing, listening and reading/linking pleasure! Bookmark this page for future reference. Happy Holidaze!

1. Top Web Video Spot
The web story of the year is YouTube, hands down. Its limitless potential and example of viral, user-contributed content garned $1.65 billion (gulp) when it was gobbled up by Google. For the uninitiated, here’s a brief sampler of its deep wells of self-broadcasts and bootlegs.

2. Top Example of How Big Media Works (or Doesn’t)
Here’s how the major networks covered the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner, and here’s the scathing (and one would think newsworthy) 20-minute Stephen Colbert roast that was not reported or mentioned anywhere by big media. Just another reason why you should support “Net Neutrality”, Free Press, Media Matters or your local NPR station.

3. Top Viral Marketing Campaign – US
Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty featured this Evolution film, which exposes the fashion industry secret that beauty really is skin deep. (More on the campaign here). If immitation is the highest form of flattery, then this campaign was well received… see parody here.

4. Top Viral Marketing Campaign – UK
This Sony Bravia commercial, which ran only in the UK, spread across the pond due to its visual vivacity and viral components, spawning spin-offs and parodies as well. (More viewing options here.)

5. Top How-Not-To-Brand Lesson
Speaking of parody, here’s a funny homemade video that answers the burning question: What if Microsoft designed the iPod?

6. Top Web Quiz Tool
At GoToQuiz.com you can design your own web quiz, or browse through existing quizzes such as these two that measure: How Massachusetts Are You? and Are You A True Red Sox Fan?

7. Top Web Mashups
“Hey, you got peanut butter in my chocolate!” Reeces may have invented the mashup in the real world, but here’s what happens when you move that concept to the web and combine publicly available data with open-architecture web apps (Web 2.0):

8. Top Web Radio Streams
Streaming radio is all around. Here are two at the top of my iTunes list. For the holidays: listen in on Xmas in Frisko, a slightly alternative Christmas playlist. For the rest of the year: dial up David Byrne Radio, it’s like having a really hip friend spinning records on your command. Or if you’re just looking for a quick work break, bookmark NPR’s Song of the Day to stay tuned in.

9. Top Full-Album Streams
iTunes (and others) reshaped the music industry, and now you can shop, sample and stream all over the web. Some favorite newcomers in 2006: Lupe Fiasco (plus video) and Cat Power. And some old favorites with streaming projects: Neil Young’s annotated Living With War is a full-album stream with ongoing news and related links, Paul Simon’s Surprise offers full streams of about half the album.

10. Top Hollywood Blogger Toppling the Tabloids
The 4-million-hits-a-day, sleazy celebrity blog, PerezHilton.com, is beating the tabloids at their own game and creating a controversy and lawsuit in the process by posting tabloid photos and adding crude comments and rough pencil sketches in the name of satire, similar to other wildly popular blogs in the genre Pink is the New Blog and the tamer by comparison Go Fug Yourself. (Hey, I don’t write ’em I just report on ’em.)

Count Your Blessings Bonus: The Global Rich List.

Bunny Bonus: Not to worry, here is the latest Bunny parody, Christmas Vacation in 30 Seconds Re-enacted by Bunnies! For past bunny classics, explore the archives below.

Don’t stop now, there’s still plenty of goodies in previous TTWDs:
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The ultimate List of Lists

Amy’s 2005 Top Ten Web Diversions


1. Top Resource
Google. You knew that already, right? But do you know how to take advantage of the world’s most powerful information tool? Invest a few minutes to read The Essentials of Google Search and become the info-god you were meant to be.
Hiding behind Google’s famous front page is a host of services and tools to explore — most useful/amazing among them: Google Alerts, Google Maps, and Google Earth. Want to emulate Google as a company? Read Google’s Ten Golden Rules.

2. Top Archive
Some day all information will be available online via Google. In the meantime, there’s the Internet Archive. Dip into the archive, or type your web address into the Wayback Machine and see the past come back to life before your eyes.

3. Top User-Contributed Content Tool
Blogs are so last year. The more interesting story in 2005 is the collection of web tools that enhance web logs and web sites (and stand alone on their own merits). The standout among them is Flickr, a web app. for publishing and sharing photos online — but it is so much more. Its applications for social networking and live reporting are pushing the new-media envelope in interesting ways. Consider the role Flickr played during the immediate aftermath of the London bombings and Katrina — Flickr users on the scene shared their first-hand photo reports lickety-split from multiple perspectives. See Flickr Toys for an ever growing list of ways to use Flickr — including the Calendar maker, which helped me make this calendar for you.

4. Top Market Shift
The mass market is dead. Long live the long tail. I bookmarked The Long Tail early this year as an interesting site to keep tabs on and include as a top new media trend. Business Week seems to agree, having identified it as one of the top ideas of 2005. The net changes everything.
For a thorough introduction to the economics of the long tail, see this Wired article.

5. Top Mashes
As a collage artist, I am abnormally fond of “mash ups” — pop tunes ripped and torn, and cut-and-pasted together into a completely new beast. Last year it was the Grey Album, this year it’s the unlikely duo of Queen and 50 Cent,
listen here
. Discover more at Mash Culture — like this unlikely matchup/mashup of Dr. Dre and a track from Grease.

Holiday Bonus: This stocking full of Christmas Mash-ups. My favorite: Christmas in Boston. Also, see The Riddim Method for more mashes.

Software Bonus: Mashups aren’t just for music anymore… read “Mix, Match and Mutate — homespun combinations of mainstream services are altering the Net.”

6. Top Creative Dip
Again on the user-contributed content beat, ourmedia.org is a site to check from time to time for creativity that bubbles up rather than trickles down — like this captivating, animated song.

7. Top Bunny Re-enactment
Last year’s It’s a Wonderful Life in 30 Seconds reenacted by bunnies, cannot be outdone. But A Christmas Story in 30 Seconds reenacted by bunnies comes awfully close. Check out more bunny madness at Starz.com.

8. Top Flashback
Boot up a little Space Invaders and Pac-man and crack open a Miller High Life and it’s 1979 in Cleveland Circle all over again. These vintage video games that you can play on your PC will really take you back.

9. Top Web Toy
Montage-a-Google creates instant-art by turning your Google search term into a spiffy, topical montage. It’s great for making gift covers for iTunes CDs. View samples 1, 2, 3, 4. Now try it yourself.

10. Top of the Heap
Here’s a quick sampling of top Google rankings I have helped my clients achieve for these keyword searches:
new hampshire law firm” = #1, #2
largest settlements” = #1, #2
largest verdicts massachusetts” = #1, #2
velasmooth massachusetts” = #1, #2, #3, #4, #5
information of value” = #1

Are you looking to enhance your Google presence? Give me a call to discuss improving your visibility via search engines.

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Top 10 list obsessed? Click here for the List of Lists

Listen to Steve Jobs’ Speech


Take 17 minutes out of your busy day to listen to Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement speech — it will be worth it. I keep recommending this to folks, so I figured I’d just post it here for easy access. Stay hungry; stay foolish.

Watch via YouTube

Listen to mp3



Hey, my Infoworks! web site has fallen out of Google. Has this ever happened to you? I assume the server was down when Google did its last index. I’m posting this in an attempt to get it back in the index.
Amy Campbell

Blogs on television…


Funny Jon Stewart bit on cable news coverage of blogs!

Amy’s 2004 Top Ten Web Diversions


Here’s my annual contribution to the seasonal dip in office productivity — my top ten list of interesting and innovative web content links.
Enjoy. Be inspired.

1. Top Team
Relive the magic! The BostonGlobe.com‘s Red Sox multimedia files of the World Series and ALCS will bring a smile to your face and lump in your throat. Yes, it really did happen. See full archive here. Also see video highlights on mlb.com.

2. Top Trends
What are the latest bleeding-edge consumer trends and marketspeak sweeping the globe? Go to Trendwatching.com so you can toss around terms like “snobmoddities,” “digital embrace” and “generation-C“.

3. Top Manifestos
See what’s happening at Change This. Kind of like business school for the wireless-black-turtleneck-triple-expresso set. Start with Hugh (The Hughtrain)
MacLeod’s How To Be More Creative to inspire your New Year’s
resolutions. See more manifestos here.

4. Top News Interface
10 x 10 is a surprising and visually fluid approach to scanning the top, world news stories — you can almost see topic trends develop before your eyes, one hour at a time.

5. Top Remix
DJ Danger Mouse caused a stir when he created “The Grey Album” by merging The Beatles’ “White Album” and Jay-Z’s “Black Album.” Critics loved it; IP lawyers hated it! Learn and listen at Illegal-Art.org. And now there’s a Grey Video, too.

Speaking of remix: How about this re-edit of “The Planet of the Apes” movie as a Twilight Zone episode, or “It’s a Wonderful Life in 30 Seconds” re-enacted by bunnies!

6. Top Panoramas
Amazing photography! Visit Mars, sail around the world, climb Everest, party in Times Square… all without leaving your chair. See full archive here.

7. Top Art Maker
TypoGenerator creates abstract art from typography you select. Type in your favorite letters, name or phrase and make instant art. Don’t like it? Try again. (A great way to make CD covers for your iTunes playlists.)

8. Top Scrabble Score
Word nerds: Check out this animated, creative non-fiction piece about one woman’s quest for the perfect Scrabble play at VidLit.

9. Top Work Break
If you’ve read this far, you need this: Yoga for the desk-bound.

10. Top Google Love Potions
How do you get Google to fall in love with your web site? Read my Top Ten Ways To Improve Your Web Site’s Search Engine Ranking and take advantage of my offer for a free SEO audit.

To add your comments or favorite web diversions, use the comments link below.

Link to my 2003 Top Ten Web Diversions

Link to my 2005 Top Ten Web Diversions


Google‘s wearing the red ribbon today and lending the power and reach of its homepage to raise awareness of the world AIDS epidemic.

Go Sox!


Go Sox!:

What all Red Sox fans look like on the inside today/tonight.

(This little darlin’ sat in front of me at the infamous Game 3 ALCS)

A picture is worth…


Amy’s 2003 Top Ten Web Diversions


Nothing like a blizzard to get some end-of-the-year wrap up chores done. Among them is my “fun” Top Ten list for 2003. I have another more useful one in the works. Enjoy.

1. Top Words
If you can’t use the words “metrosexual,” “flash mob,” or “flexitarian” in a sentence, then you may be a “leadite.” Brush up on the lexicon-d’jour with the Word Spy.

2. Top Topics
What’s hot today in cyberbia? Visit Daypop for a daily Top 40 of the most popular news and fads circulating among the bloggerati — that’s how I found the Holiday Snowglobe. (Also try Popdex, the website popularity index.)

3. Top Queries
Google’s Zeitgeist page gives a Top 10 snapshot of what inquiring minds are searching for month by month along with a few other interesting tech trends. Watch for the boffo 2003 end-of-year summary coming January.

4. Top Viral Marketing Videos
Warning: these little movies may infect you… with brand awareness. My favorites are “Bollocks!” and “Champagne Virals.” Be sure to tell me which is your favorite.

5. Top 20 Downloads of the 20th Century
The British Pathe Film Archive has created a complete digital archive of its collection of 75 years worth of film, video and photos available for download and free previewing — it’s a virtual way-back machine.

6. Letterman’s Top Ten
You’re funny. Your friends tell you so. You think you are. Now prove it! Enter The Late Show’s Top Ten Contest. If your answer to a weekly Top Ten List is used on air, you’ll win a cheesy prize and instant validation.

7. Top Gadget
Here’s a gift-giving solution for that person who has everything. For Wall Street junkies, consider the Stock Orb, just one of several futuristic “smart objects” from Ambient Devices.

8. Top Interactive Break
Exercise the other side of your brain with Mr. Picassohead! Based on the beloved Mr. Potato Head toy but with a cubist twist, this tool allows anyone to create instant “Picassos” with point-and-click ease. View my masterpiece and then click on the link to create your own!

9. Top Mind Bender
Escher and the Droste Effect – Find out what M.C. Escher, mathematics and Dutch cocoa have in common. And be sure to view the two animations. I’ll say no more, go explore…

10. Top of Mind
How do you gain brand awareness and build trust among your client base? Engage them with information of value that they will read, understand and remember. That’s information that works!

See also: Amy’s Top Ten Web Diversions for 2004
See also: Amy’s Top Ten Web Diversions for 2005

My Web Log Experiment – Part 3


Not much to report as I’ve not been very active lately. However, my blog continues to pull viewers as I hover around the 45th spot on the Harvard rankings… a kind of autopilot driven by the power of archives in a world of links and search engines. I haven’t noticed any significant new linkbacks, but I did get one query for a speaking engagement. I’ll try to ramp it up this fall. I’m also getting pretty fluent with the “a href” tag as I blog mainly via Mac without the fancy tools. (we few suffer so)

Testing the Markets of Information


Lately I’ve been using blogs (or web logs) as experiments to test the markets of information. As the web (read Google) evolves, it gets better at rewarding good content. While email systems have trouble routing out spam, Google seems to be doing a good job of it. You can’t “trick” search engines for long before they are on to dubious ranking schemes. So the best way to “optimize” a site for search engine success is the “old fashion way”… you’ve got to earn it. Earn it by writing relevant content.

Write about the right thing* and the world will beat a path to your door. Literally. And weblogs seem to be playing a large role in how information is disseminated among the powers-that-be in netland. (That’s why I’ve launched an entirely new web log, called Big Needle, to use for experiments and selfish acts of search engine optimization, information dissemination and self promotion.)

It’s also interesting to test the markets of information by “info-fishing.” An interesting experiment (you can do yourself at home) to chart the mood of the marketplace is to go to Daypop and track “word bursts” or “news bursts.” It’s also interesting to track what Google pulls on a particular phrase and what Feedster, which searches exclusively web logs with RSS feeds, pulls on the same bait. Which cast pulls in the more valuable fish?

As an optimizer/marketer/snake oil salesman, if you use the right bait (content on your web site), and cast it well (properly tagged and optimized), and have patience to wait… you may get a big bite. Don’t be discouraged by small bites. They all add up and, as we know in the fishy food-chain, little fishes leads to big fishes.

* and optimize it properly.

My Web Log Experiment – Month 2


Two-month status report

see one-month status report here

In month two, I tried to tame myself from blogging’s addictions. Following links until my eyes pop out… Checking my referrers list… tracking hits to my website from my blog and elsewhere. I’ve instituted a no-blogging rule on myself during a typical workday. Knowing that such rules are meant to be broken, I have still managed to blog, although my post rate is down from last month, but my billable hours and social life are up!

Content vs. Frequency

I’ll keep this short, as I’ve come to appreciate that in a fellow blogger. While the human element is a great aspect of blogging, I don’t have patience for blogging that turns into yadda, yadda, yadda. As basically a business blogger (yes, I admit it), I believe blogs should add value, not suck time out of a person’s busy life (yours and mine). My philosophy that I will offer to others to subscribe to is: Only blog when you have something to say! A daily blog for the sake of being daily isn’t necessary as I see it. We all experience information overload. My hope for weblogs is that they act as useful filters of the information heap, rather than adding to it. These are high hopes, I realize, but what I believe will differentiate valuable bloggers from the yadda yadda crowd. (Feel free to disagree. I’d like to hear your thoughts).

Speaking of filters… I find tools like technorati, daypop, google and organica, and bloggdex to name a few to be the key to the future for their ability to search and filter web log entries. And while I haven’t spent the time to learn to use any of the news aggregators, I believe the RSS feed will change the world. I’m just an average user… a communicator… Here’s to the tool makers!

Net Effects

In month 2 my “networth” inched up in link strength. In addition to Denise Howell of Bag and Baggage adding me to her blog roll, My Shingle and Netlawblog.com linked to me. Both Bespacific
and a german weblogger linked to my Intro to Weblogs for Law Marketing article and the german blogger even added my New Hampshire Law Firm client’s web site to it resources list! (kinda kooky!) Others have found my blog via Google and Daypop on searches on for “FCC” and “Amy Cambell” and “web logs” and such. As a result, I’ve been contacted by a few folks inquiring about my services. So far it’s translated into some nice conversations.

In summary for month 2, nothing startling. More of the same. Traffic increased slightly over last month. Leaving me at position 39 in the Harvard Web Logs Rankings list with 3,505 visits

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