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Legal Services Predictions and Trends for 2014


Here is a collection of informative trend pieces and prognostications on where legal services is headed. If you have other resources you would like to add to this list, please use the comment feature to add them.

Legal Industry Predictions for 2014 and Beyond from Lexis Nexis Matters of Practice Blog

21 Expert Predictions for the Legal Industry in 2014 from Lexis Nexis Make More Rain Blog

Bob Denny’s 25th Annual Trends Report: What’s Hot and What’s Not in the Legal Profession

Legal Trends in 2014 from Lumen Legal

BTI Consulting Research (brief summary of research reports for purchase) – Litigation to Surge and Litigation Outlook 2014

Mass. Lawyers Weekly 2013 “Real Rate Report”  Who’s Charging What in the Legal Community

More Salary Data from Robert Half

Report on the State of the Legal Market: Highlights and link to the 2014 report from The Center for the Study of the Legal Profession at the Georgetown University Law Center and Thomson Reuters Peer Monitor in the Hildebrandt Institute Blog

Who’s Eating Law Firms’ Lunch? ABA Journal


Technology Disruption Takes Hold on Big Law


I don’t pretend to be any type of analyst on the legal industry, but I do recognize an important article when I see one. Anyone working in legal services should find reading Who’s eating law firms’ lunch? by Rachel Zahorsky and William D. Henderson for the ABA Journal of great interest. It’s the bits-to-bytes paradigm shifting story of how technology is reshaping complex litigation and transaction practices.

In the article Kevin Colangelo, a former NYC attorney now with a legal process outsourcer called Pengea3, offers a quote that sums up what’s up…

“All of the lawyers in my area of practice [outsourcing and technology transactions] observed the same relentless pattern of businesses gaining enormous efficiencies through technology and globalization; albeit the collateral effects were often massive employment dislocation. Once you thought about it, there was no principled reason why this pattern was going to exempt BigLaw.”

Go read it here: Lunch

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