Kerry’s electability… where’s the beef?

In the primaries, Mr. Kerry’s biography was his message, as he argued
that his experience as a Vietnam veteran made him the strongest
opponent to Mr. Bush. That argument for his election evaporated the
moment the race ended, Democrats said, and Mr. Kerry has yet to adjust
to the new electoral terrain.

Kerry Struggling to Find a Theme, Democrats Fear

Kerry’s other argument for his election — electability — also
ended with the end of the primaries. So… what’s his message? Why
should we choose him over Bush?
Dean had a message. Edwards had a message. Kerry opted instead won over
the Democratic faithful with the idea of “anyone but Bush” — but the
Democratic faitfhul seemed to not consider why anyone else should agree.

Kerry’s “electability” was a sham all along — polls were showing
Edwards ahead of Kerry among independents and Republicans. Can the
candidate and the party win over that part of America that doesn’t
spend every blogging moment castrating Bush?

“Together, we can build a stronger America.” Can you tell if that’s the theme for Bush or Kerry? Does anyone care?