Boston Globe moves comic strips to “Sidekick”

Is the Boston Globe finally giving comics the space they deserve, or
sending them off to a newspaper ghetto? Today’s Globe featured Sidekick,
“a new section that is your guide to a better day.” The comics now fill
5 pages of the new section as opposed to the old 2. True, the pages are
the smaller tabloid format, but the strips are definitely bigger, maybe
by about 30%.

Perhaps more importantly, the Globe is also adding two more strips! First it’s making good on its promise to add Prickly City
to its lineup, which announced its debut with a shuddering attack on
the Supreme Court’s recent eminent domain case. Heavy stuff. Sadly,
Mallard Fillmore still pukes up the place with some sort of attack on
Amnesty International. (Or maybe Doritos. Hard to tell with a mind as
slippery as that Bruce Tinsley’s).

Readers will also choose from between two strips — Pardon My Planet, which, I suppose, does somewhat quirky observations about people; and Red and Rover,
about a boy and his dog. Personally I have no opinion yet about which
I’d prefer; I’m just excited that the Globe is offering us a choice at
all. Oh, and that I no longer have to wade through the Sports pages to
find the comics.