Mallard Fillmore readers humor-challenged, Mallard Fillmore confirms

Responding to apparently voluminous emails from readers, the dull
duck confirmed that the blatantly obvious send-up of his strip
appearing in Jon Stewart’s America is, in fact, a satire. The duck then threw in a more audience-appropriate joke about Dan Rather.

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3 thoughts on “Mallard Fillmore readers humor-challenged, Mallard Fillmore confirms

  1. This is actually quite funny, although involuntarily. Tinsley only gets aware of the Fillmore parody by Emails from alert readers, months after Stewart’s book is #1 on the bestsellerlists … and then he either is too stupid too understand the core principle of parody, or more likely he (possibbly correctly) assumes that his readers are dumb enough to join in into his faked outrage. This is as revealing as the parody in Stewart’s book. Amazing.

  2. What’s more is that he managed to milk that one satire (which, honestly, is probably the best exposure he’s ever gotten) for 3 strips. And he gave Jon quite an inappropriately large hook nose.

  3. Until Mallard covered Ed Kennedy’s opposition to the windmills, this Bush despising blue state liberal never would have believed he would agree with the duck. I still don’t quite agree : Mallard has been too easy on the SOB. I live 3 miles too far south for my opinion of TK to matter, any more than does my opinion of Trent “Ole Strom sure would’ve kep’ them niggers in their place” Lot.
    Larry Bulgier

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