DHI Partners = recruiting spammers?

I got my first piece of apparently serious recruiting spam today, from a certain “Denise Moore” of “DHI Partners” or perhaps “DMSearch” (a Google search produces no results for such a person). The alleged client, “Irving Oil,” is seeking a Senior Manager of Marketing. I’m flattered, Ms. Moore, but I do not meet any of the qualifications listed, including interest.

Hey Irving Oil, are times so hard that you’ve turned to spammers for your executive search? You’re better off selling shares in you Nigerian operations, don’t you think?

Dear Gene,

I am an executive recruiter with DHI Partners. We are currently retained to find a Senior Marketing Manager for the Residential and Commercial Energy Services business of Irving Oil. A position description follows for your review. Energy experience is not required; they would love someone with a consumer durables background. I am hoping that you might know of someone to refer, and any referrals are greatly appreciated!

Denise Moore

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