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An Eternity of Discourse is a blog and portfolio featuring both the visual and the written media to generate discussion on issues which influence and shape the existence and relationship of the law, religion and politics within the contemporary realm – and how such issues have defined the interplay between these disciplines historically. It’s aim is to present to the reader analyses on vexed questions of legal, theological and political pertinence, particularly those that are often misunderstood, or misperceived. The blog will aim to highlight the significance of such questions, and more importantly, underscore that the methodology with which these questions are understood shapes the contours of their misgivings and misconceptions. Paradoxically, the pillars of intellect which in today’s world suffer from in-built structural or institutional fallacies, have themselves lead to the creation of this anti-intellectual quagmire. This space is thus an attempt to deconstruct and delineate an eternity of continuing discourse…

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  1. Ayesha:

    Your recent tweet has graciously led me to this site! What an awesome blog job! Indeed, law, religion and politics though distinct and supposedly “separate” are so woefully interwoven, the separation of which must be the longest-standing fallacy mankind continues to propound to. I look forward to devouring and being illuminated by your take in this eternal dialogue…

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