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global warming is taking the spring out of my step


The past week has been peppered with beautiful days. Temperatures are inching into the seventies, with bright blue skies as clean as a freshly laundered bed sheet, and a warm yellow sun as cute as a button.

But it seems whenever I wax poetic about the gorgeous spring, someone has to bring up global warming, and how the warm weather is probably a sign of something really bad: more melting ice-caps, polar bears with heat-stroke and who knows, maybe NYC sinking under water.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as worried as the next person, and I’m doing whatever I can: I recycle, I walk or use public transportation when I can, I vote for the ‘green’ candidates, and I contribute what I am able to. I am very aware of the problem.

But I’d really like to celebrate this spring just for what it is, a beautiful beginning and a season of joy.

And if we’re all going to get swamped by the Atlantic in a few years anyway, lets enjoy it while we can.

… but don’t stop taking the T.