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Literal Parental Juggling


This past weekend my daughter and I attended Earth Day celebrations at the Worcester Ecotarium (a fabulous place, by the way).

One of the performers was a juggler/musician. He was entertaining the crowd singing songs, and juggling inanimate objects. However, it also appeared that he was looking after his pre-school-aged son. In the middle of a song he suddenly looked over to the booth next to his and said, “Jason, please come back! No more buying T-shirts!”

Jason, a boy of 3 or 4, replied that he wanted his dad to look at a specific T-shirt.

So the juggler ran off-stage in mid-act, took a look at the t-shirt, begged his son to come back to the performance area, and then ran back to continue his act. The son complied, wandered over to the stage area, and started playing with the unused juggling items.

For a finale, the juggler said that he would now juggle two bowling pins AND his son. He proceeded to pick up his son and pass him from arm to arm as he maintained 2 bowling pins in the air. No one was hurt. The son actually looked a bit bored.

Adding new meaning to the concept of juggling work and familiy responsibilities…