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Beware the silent children

Ben’s post on his son’s activities, reminded me of Rada’s most recent accomplishment. Last week, she and Ian were playing noisily in the front room while Ian’s mom Laurie and I were trying to chat-chat in the kitchen. All of a sudden the noise level in the front room dropped to an industrious whisper, and Laurie and I breathed a sigh of relief as we no longer needed to talk over the din.

After enjoying 10-15 minutes of relative peace and quiet, I strolled into the front room, just to say hi and check in.

To my surprise, Rada and Ian had stacked every single toy onto the couch.


(Notice the empty shelves to the right.)

Apparently the couch was a truck in which they were going to transport all of Rada’s worldy possessions.

Impressed by their teamwork and ingenuity, I also expressed hope that the truckers would  ‘unload’ their cargo when they reached their destination.