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I had thought I could finesse it: that it would be possible to escape certain embarrassments, but no…

This morning, my daughter and I were trying to get our things together and out the door. She was looking for the ‘chosen animal’ , the one which would accompany her to daycare. I was finishing up packing the lunches, and bringing the bags to the stairs.

But I couldn’t find my glasses. I knew I had used them earlier that morning, but couldn’t remember where I’d put them. I ran around the apartment, looking in all the usual places, getting more and more frustrated. My daughter finally asked what I was doing.

“I lost my glasses,” I said, running my eyes across the kitchen counter. “Can you help me find them? I know they’re around here somewhere.”

She looked at me with a mixture of perplexity and dismay. “They’re on your head”, she said.