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My dad was able to drive my daughter home from school this cold winter evening. So that was a relief.


…and here are just a ‘few’ more additions to my birthday list:

  • bigger TV
  • combination VCR and DVD player
  • new winter boots
  • quieter fridge
  • better take-out in my neighborhood
  • fresh watermelon in February

(when I started the birthday list, a little voice inside of me said, “its a slippery slope, are you sure you want to go here?” and I blithely continued on. But its becoming hard to stop… the list is out of control, and of course the truth is that none of these things is anything I absolutely need, except perhaps the cement foundation for the basement but even it can wait a few years before getting critical.)

Does anyone else out there have a birthday list they’d like to share? It might give me some more ideas…