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kindergarden at midyear

Rada is engaged with school. It is what she does. It is her business. I don’t believe she’s thought about whether she likes it or not, its just what she does. She neither anticipates it with dread nor does she approach it with unbridled joy. It is somewhere in the middle. But she is definitely involved with it. It is her life, her world.

Last night she told me that tomorrow was ‘100 day’ and the kids in class were asked to bring 100 things to school. She and I browsed around the house, looking for 100 good things to bring and settled on a jar of colored toothpicks. She methodically counted out 100 toothpicks using benchmarks very different from what I would have chosen. She’d stop at 27 and then at 49 and at 63 and each time she’d ask me to write a note showing how far she’d gone and then she’d start counting again. But she stayed with it. She was on task … totally focused on the project. When she got to 100, she laboriously picked up all the toothpicks and put them carefully in a plastic bag, then put the bag in the back pocket of her backpack.

Why am I telling you all this? Because she’s starting to organize her life, make decisions, handle responsibilities.


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  1. Mary | February 9, 2007 at 8:10 am | Permalink

    I think that’s awesome! What a creative way to get those little ones counting. Toothpicks were a wonderful idea but I’ll be interested to see how full her classroom is tomorrow. ONE HUNDRED THINGS? That’s a lot of things if people don’t have toothpicks or the like in their homes!

    I love hearing about Rada’s “growing up” regardless of the topic so please keep them coming!