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Snow Day

Because of the snowstorm, Rada’s school let the kids out at 11:30 on Wednesday. There was no way a babysitter would be willing to go out in the bad weather. So after making my apologies to my boss, I went home and prepared to spend the rest of the day looking after Rada and working when I could.

It was fun to be safe and cosy inside the apartment and Rada enjoyed having an afternoon to laze around with nowhere to go, and nothing that had to be done. There wasn’t much work I had to do either: I attended a meeting through teleconferencing and answered a few emails. The rest of the time I hung out with Rada. We frittered away the hours chit-chatting, taking long baths, reading books, playing with her animals, getting caught up with the laundry, and watching a few more videos than we usually do.

It was a great afternoon. I can’t wait til the next snow storm.