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February vacation

This week is school vacation. While I’m at work Rada has been spending the day with her old daycare provider, Tracey.  I pulled the umbrella stroller out of storage and walked to Tracey’s house this morning. Rada settled into a spectator frame of mind, enjoying watching the world go by at a slow pace. We navigated several snow-crusted sidewalks and breathed in cool fresh winter air.

Looking at Rada playing in Tracey’s living room was a shock. I remembered my 3-year-old little girl in that environment and this morning I saw the gigantic six-year-old that she has become. I couldn’t believe how much she’d grown.

I would be bored to tears spending the day in Tracey’s living room, but Rada has been looking forward it and has been enjoying the week.  Rada first met Tracey when she had been in the US less than 10 days, which makes Tracey is one of Rada’s longtime connections. Sustaining a key relationship like this is important, I think.

There is snow forecast for this evening. I wonder what the walk home will be like. There are several bus routes we can take, if need be.