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We don’t know what we know

Last week, I came down with a stomach bug, not as bad as February’s noro-virus, but a stomach bug nevertheless. 

I became sick after the first day of an educational technology conference. I’d been having a great time, and really wanted to go back for the second day. 

So, on the next day, after dropping Rada off at school, I went home and lay down for 30 minutes, hoping to feel a little better. And I did… just a little. I gathered my belongings, got in the car, and headed for Worcester, an hour drive away, where the conference was being held. Three blocks from my house, something in the dim recesses of my mind told me to make a u-turn and head home. I spent the rest of the day in bed, not feeling deathly sick, but glad to be lying down… and near a bathroom.

That very same day, Rada’s school sent her home early, with a sore throat and cough. They called at 1:00 pm. If I’d been in Worcester, she would have had to wait over an hour. Instead I was there 10 minutes later to take her home.

This is the only time that Rada’s school has ever sent her home sick. Was there a part of my mind that knew this, and knew that I shouldn’t be far away from home that day? Is there a homing instinct between mothers and children that tells us these things?

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  1. Mary | March 28, 2007 at 7:06 am | Permalink

    From the looks of that sweet picture of you and Rada in the previous post, I definitely believe there is a homing instinct! This may sound silly but I swear she has your smile!