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Bears End Season on High Note

Rada’s soccer team had their last game this past weekend. The weather threatened rain, and throughout the game it was touch and go whether or not the ‘mist’ and ‘fog’ had really turned to ‘drizzle.’ But with raincoats, umbrellas, and sweaty kids who didn’t mind running around in a little mud and mush, the game was played.

Rada’s team has improved immeasurably since their first few practises. All the kids know where they should be kicking the ball, and every once in a while there is some teamwork where the kids actually pass the ball to one another.

The first few games of the season seemed to end without scores. The middle games had scores of which the Bears always lost dramatically. This was because almost all the players on my daughter’s team remain artists at heart, only marginally interested in the logistics of the game. Most of them still run up and down the field looking more often at their parents than at the ball. And many of the players get frequently distracted by some interesting insect or unusual flower in the grass.

However there is one triple threat on the team. He is a delightful and mild mannered six year old who has legs that go on for miles. When he runs, the field disappears beneath him, and when he kicks, its like he was born kicking soccer balls. This shy sweet boy also towers above the other players, looking more like a fourth grader than the kindergardener he is. Our coach purposely held him back during previous games, I think, so that there would be some competition between the players on the opposing teams, and thus more interesting games. However, for the last game, he let him loose and this boy ran down the field repeatedly scoring goal after goal after goal. Rada was delirious with joy, not realizing that she had little if anything to do with her team’s success. But with the final score at 12 – 0 , the Bears erupted in a jubilation that only an underdog can feel. Giving hearty thanks and friendly handshakes to the opposing team, the Bears left the field in a blaze of celebration. Rada was beside herself and kept wanting me to repeat the score.

I’m not really interested in cultivating a competitive spirit in her, but it was fun to see her so happy on their last day.

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  1. Mary | June 13, 2007 at 9:27 am | Permalink

    Yay, Bears! Yay, Rada!