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Last weekend Rada and I attended the wedding of dear friends. It was her first one and it left a strong impression. I don’t think she was expecting it to be so theatrical. The ceremony took place on the lawn of a quaint farm north of Boston, with flower girls, ring boys, and pinkish-orangey rose petals scattered on a white carpet walkway.

The reception was in an airy barn overlooking blueberry and raspberry fields. When young guests grew weary of the wedding protocol, or got hungry before the meal was served, they wandered out to the berries and snacked.

All this past week, my daughter has been systematically marrying off her stuffed animals. Her dragons have taken vows, several plastic cows have walked up the aisle, and this morning two hobby horses stood up in front of an officiating minister (who simultaneously ate cereal while dispensing the vows). Later the same minister swept floors while exhorting the wedding couple to “have and to hold” (its amazing how far the reaches of multitasking can extend).

For the curious among you, this morning’s horse bride looked lovely in a white tulle veil (formerly used as a ballet outfit) and the groom wore a golden crown decorated with Elmo stickers.