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Please accept my apologies for the delay. There’s been lots to report, but its been busy busy busy.

Rada’s 7th birthday party was a study in chaos and redemption. Planned for the outside, it was on one of those days where the weather never figured out what to do: threatening, hinting and teasing at rain, but never actually down-pouring. Party guests ran wildly over dinosaurs and hippos played miniature golf while dark clouds swarmed over head with occasional droplets, so we bailed to a nearby pizza parlor for lunch.

When we arrived, I discovered to my horror that they were in the process of going out of business and refused to serve a party of 24. I begged and pleaded, assuring them that all we needed were 4 hot pizzas. I had plates, cups, drinks, napkins, and basically everything else, due to the original preparations for outside picnic. Finally, I laid a $10 bill on the server’s hand, pointed to the 12 hungry children streaming in the door, and said “I am at your mercy”.

They were merciful. 4 pizzas arrived 20 minutes later.

Gwen took lovely photos of the event. I can’t stop looking at them:


Here is Rada teeing-off. Note dinosaur and hippo in the background.



Talented Marjorie led guests in Simon Says… and saved the day during the long wait for pizza.


Casey and Rada played movie star with their bad-girl sunglasses.

No sooner did the birthday hubbub die down, but preparations for school began.

Rada has been in 1st grade for 4 days now and beside her initial push-back to the notion of getting up early and out the door, she’s been doing well. She heads into the big red brick school house every day, and I don’t really know much of what goes on, except scattered and vague reports about the new music teacher’s crocodile, and lunchtime when chicken nuggets have value as local currency, traded among students for chocolate milk and extra ketchup.

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  1. curtincall | September 10, 2007 at 7:15 am | Permalink

    Happy birthday, Rada! I love that miniature golf place – we try to visit at least once a year but with the move this summer, it just didn’t happen. Darn.