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rocket science

I’m smart and can handle most logistical puzzles that come my way. But this week I got blinded-sided by the seemingly innocuous tasks of getting my daughter from school, to the babysitter, and back home each day.

What started out as several phone calls turned into a logistical nightmare: Babysitter is to pick up daughter at school. Babysitter cannot leave van unattended with other children inside. School is located on street that prohibits double parking. School requires children be ‘escorted’ from schoolyard to waiting vehicles. What to do?

And another:

Parent’s employer discourages employees bringing motor vehicles to work. Parent rides bike. Pick-up of child from babysitter requires vehicle to transport child. Parent’s employer requires a 9 hour day. Babysitter has commitments limiting evening availability. How to switch transportation modes on-the-fly and reach the goal within babysitter’s temporal parameters?

I did figure out solutions to both of the above, but only through the strategic use of cell phones, the targeted placement of grandmothers, and the merciful serendipity of traffic. The challenge of it finally convinced me once and for all, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that motherhood IS rocket science, and that I am a genius.

Who is aided by one rockin’ grandmother.

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  1. curtincall | September 17, 2007 at 7:14 am | Permalink

    I always knew you were a rocket scientist, Molly. You just should have asked.