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accidental voting

Tuesday of last week was voting day in my community. It was a minor election, but nevertheless there were some candidates I wanted to support.

However, after considering the day’s schedule, it became clear that voting just wasn’t going to be possible. I had recently started a new job and did not think it would be good form to skip out mid-day for a visit to the polls. Furthermore, I was in the middle of trying to get over a nasty cold and didn’t want to be running around the city in the rain. Lastly, I didn’t want to drag my daughter to the polls with me after a long day when she’d be tired.

So I accepted that I wouldn’t vote.

Then, as I sat at a red light waiting to get my daughter from after-school, I looked over and happened to notice that I was idling right in front of my neighborhood polling place. Not only that, there was an empty parking space right next to me. Looking at my watch, I calculated a 12-minute window before having to get my daughter from school. I pulled into the parking space, walked briskly into the polling place (no line), cast my vote, got back in the car, and picked up my daughter with 6 minutes to spare.

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  1. Gwen | November 11, 2007 at 5:47 pm | Permalink

    I ended up taking Ethan in with me to vote last time we had an election. Figured it was good for him to see the process at work, although I could have done without the wiggling.