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When work is like grad school

I’m learning astounding amounts, broadening horizons, etc., but the deadlines come fast and furious, the timeline for deliverables is absurdly unrealistic, and the midnight oil is burnt night after night after night. And what makes it all the more ironic is that I was already in grad school when I started this job… so its like , I dunno…. surreal?

In any case, treasured routines (like writing in blogs, washing dishes, and chatting on phone to friends) are left at the wayside.

Fortunately, Rada is in good form, more and more self-managed, and navigating school, extended day, and life in general very well.

So I just wanted to post a quick note here so you all wouldn’t think this blog had become a dead link!

And the pace will calm down at some point (um…. maybe 2009?) but in any case I will post more. So don’t remove me from your RSS reader quite yet.