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secret love

It has been hidden too long. I shall speak it to the world:

I love the Burger King Whopper with bacon, cheese, tomato and extra pickles.

I love the cool mayonnaise on hamburger and the sweet-tartness of the pickles. I love the salty chewiness of the bacon, the meltedness of the cheese and the crunchiness of the onion. And I love the side of onion rings dipped in ketchup washed down with an ice cold carton of orange juice.

Every month or so, Rada and I have dinner at Burger King. Usually it is predicated by some urgency of schedule requiring us to stay ‘on the road’. This week was one of those occasions and BK did not disappoint. Rada relished in the chicken fingers and the happy meal toy (isn’t that Macdonald’s? … well, whatever… ) and she maneuvered a pick-up playdate with the girl in the booth behind us who showed Rada how to assemble her toy.

At dinner time, there are people in Burger King and they’re all… eating dinner. It amazes me that some people actually treat it like bona-fide food. I know this is both an irony and a sad commentary on the health of the nation and the economic realities of some families.

And for someone like me who verbally blasts Burger King at any possible opportunity averring that I avoid it like the plague and that because I’m such a good mother I’d NEVER let my daughter eat that stuff… I’m now confessing I was secretly glad we ‘had’ to eat at Burger King this week. My heart sang a little song in anticipation of my whopper with bacon, cheese, mayo and extra pickles.

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  1. Mary | March 3, 2008 at 8:37 am | Permalink

    Okay, Molly. I’ll confess. I, too, will indulge in a BK Whopper (though, I go with the Jr. Less guilt.)

    Another guilty sin? McDonald’s. Big Mac. Mmmm….mmmm. Sinful.

    I tend to find these foods comforting on really yucky snow days. A few storms ago, after shoveling out at home, we were headed to the MILs to get her out and hubby asked on the way down what I wanted for lunch. Something junky, I responded. Something chunky? he asked. Well, it’ll go in junky and stick around chunky but after clearing out two houses of snow, I think its well deserved!