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My daughter is spending 2 weeks with her aunt in upstate new york. She attends the local day camp and plays with neighborhood kids in the afternoons.

Worried that she would not be able to spend such a long span ot time away from me, I brought Rada to my sister’s house with the tentative plan to leave her there, but only if she was doing OK. After 4 days, it looked like she was pretty comfortable. We had a slightly teary goodbye and then I went off to enjoy a few days of child-free time. 

I’ve been calling every day to check in and so far the reports are good. Rada loves camp and is comfortable with my sister. They went to the town festival and Rada played all the kid games: bean bag toss, relay races, and even entered in the pie eating contest (!?!) The last few times I’ve called, Rada has either been too busy to talk or has been off playing with the 4 year old next door.

I was worried she would miss me too much, but now I’m worried she won’t want to come home.

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  1. Mary | July 16, 2008 at 1:31 pm | Permalink

    Molly, have you started to prepare yourself for when that little girl heads off to college? Just a thought, but you might want to start now. LOL!