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I fondly remember my pet worm Henry. I found him one afternoon in the school yard. A suitable habitat was constructed for Henry, filled with earth and leaves. I’m not exactly sure how long he stayed with me before being released to the wild or coming to a less auspicious end.

Recently, Rada took ‘Ben’ under her wing. Ben is a lovely dull brown earth worm who appears to have been residing in the back yard. Rada and I found a plastic container, punched holes for air, filled it with earth and leaves and brought it into the house with Ben inside. Rada spent the rest of the afternoon, talking to and training Ben.

“Come, Ben. Come here! No, Ben! Bad worm. Ben, listen to me… don’t do that… come here. Good worm! Hey, Mom: I trained him to come when I called!”

This morning however, Rada informed me that Ben’s ‘cage’ smelled awful. ‘He must have pooped’. So we decided to re-release Ben back to his natural surroundings. Hopefully Ben is doing fine and has moved on to other habitats, though Rada was sure she saw him among the hostas this afternoon when we came home.

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  1. Mary | September 12, 2008 at 7:29 am | Permalink

    Can’t say I ever had a pet worm. Ants? Oh, yeah. Lots of them!