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Last week, Rada fell off the monkey bars at school and fractured her wrist.

I got the call at noon on a Friday and rushed to school to find a sobbing girl cradling her arm in the nurse’s office.  A series of trips to primary care and Children’s Hospital resulted in the fine cast you see below, with a lovely soccer pattern for its decor.  The prognosis for her wrist is excellent: the cast comes off before Thanksgiving, and by December, she can return to the monkey bars.

After an initial few days of pain and discomfort, Rada quickly settled into the life of royalty:

Everyone in her soccer team signed her cast; in school she is assigned a daily helper to assist with getting her coat on and off and carrying her backpack around school; the lunch ladies pick up her tray for her in the cafeteria; and her teacher lets her miss spelling tests and math quizzes.

At home, she no longer has to clear plates from the table or put on her own socks. I also comb her hair and ‘prepare’ her toothbrush.

Rada’s return to normalcy happens in 2 weeks when she gets the cast off.  I’m counting the days until the princess reverts to civilian.

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  1. Mary | November 7, 2008 at 8:32 am | Permalink

    I was thinking, “Gee, I wish that would happen to me.” Then I thought some more. Never mind.

    Glad everything’s going to be okay, though!