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The day the cast came off

…it was going to be grand: Rada would get back mobility in her arm. We would preserve the cast for posterity, displayed in some honored place in her room, not unlike a moose head. For me, life would return normal: No more lady-in-waiting. And no more strange contraptions constructed out of plastic bags and masking tape every time she took a bath.

The removal procedure was kind of neat: they used a thing similar to a blade saw (don’t worry! keep reading!) but with such a blunt edge that you can put it directly on your skin with just a slight tickling sensation. It bites through plaster, nothing else.

After the removal, we went to Radiology for an x-ray to see how it was healing, and then they said something about coming right back for the ‘next cast’. Oh sure, I thought, some kind of temporary splint that comes off at night. No problem.

Um… well… not exactly. They put another cast on her. This one for another 3 weeks. After that there’s a temporary splint and then finally she’s a free girl.  I thought she’d be on the monkey bars by Christmas but it looks more like it’ll be Martin Luther King Day.

The new cast is slightly shorter, so she has a little more mobility. Rada chose a patriotic theme and here she is with her favorite dog-friend Zeus:

photograph kindness of Zeus’s person, Poul.