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On the upswing

Currently, I can do no wrong in my daughter’s life. As we walk along the sidewalk towards school, she hangs off my arm declaring, “Oh my mommy… MY mommy, MommyWommy!”… and at home she spontaneously tells me she loves me, constantly. I get lots of hugs for no reason, and lately she thinks my outfits all look good.

So I’m enjoying the affectionate mood and drinking in all the good energy.

But my enjoyment is also tempered by the knowledge that her mood could change rather quickly, and I could soon find myself in the company of a very different child.

Last year’s low point was when I had told her she could not bring her plastic caveman bat to school. She was so angry she said was going right back to the baby house to get herself another mother, one who would ‘understand’ this perfectly reasonable request.

Nice to be on the upswing for a little while.