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trajectory of a cold

Jan 16-18: daughter succumbs to sickness: listless, tired, coughy and sneezy. Mother in good health.

JanĀ  18-19: daughter remains groggy, coughy. Mother feels onset of fatigue and slight sore throat – immediately reverts in to ‘rest’ mode… long naps, abbreviated social schedule.

Jan 19: lapse in judgment — Mother and daughter go to local indoor pool for a swim… in 25 degree weather. Both get chilled.

Jan 20-22: daughter lapses deeper into sneezes and chills. Mother feels persistent fatigue and sore throat.

Jan 20-21: daughter stays home from school, mother attends conference out of town, begins survival mode on ibuprophen and acetaminophen.

Jan 22: mother returns home, daughter returns to school.

Jan 23: Mother collapses into cloud of sickness, lying immovable for hours at a time.

Jan 24-26: abbreviated social schedule: daughter getting antsy, mother still weak and coughy.

Jan 25: mother slowly regains energy. daughter ever more restless.

Jan 26: back to normal for both parties.

Duration 10 days.