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Direct Quote

“You are the best mom. I love you more than anyone else in the entire world. You are my beloved mom, and I love you a million trillion gazillion ninety hundred thousand zillion quadrillion 10 hundred thousand ninety nine billion times.” (I guess I should soak it up now, might not be hearing much of […]

A rider’s life

Every non-rainy day we ride the bikes to school and work. There is a routine: First Rada straps on her knee pads and I unlock the cables and u-locks. After this, we pull the bikes off the porch,  put on our helmets, and attach any relevant cargo to the front platform of my bike.  We […]

Music Lessons

There is a piano in our apartment and I play it from time to time. When I was young and restless, I played alot, and once even fancied myself an expert of sorts. But now, with jobs, soccer practice, and daily laundry loads, I am content to get in a few minutes on the ivories […]

Suzie & Sally [end note]

Rada’s white mice Suzie and Sally had a short run with us. Only in residence five months last fall, they both became sick and died within a few days of each other. Sally was the first to go and was buried in the back garden behind the azalea bush. Suzie, however, hung on for another […]

Tea Party

Serving tea with milk and sugar to the rabbits.

An encounter with history

Houston, we have lift-off.

I never thought I’d see this day. Look at her go! And WITH NO TRAINING WHEELS. Here she is with Pata Suyemoto, the bike whisperer who made all it happen:


My friend Elizabeth describes herself as her daughter’s sherpa. For those of you not familiar with mountaineering, sherpas are local experts who hire themselves out to wealthy tourists to help with climbing the summit. The sherpas follow along behind the mountaineers, carrying tents, sleeping bags, emergency medical supplies, food for the evening meal, etc. Elizabeth […]

Baseball Clinic

Rada and I showed up at the YMCA yesterday, trudging through the snow, with Rada clutching her seemingly incongruous baseball mitt in her cold mittened hand. The clinic was in a chilly basement gym, with decor that reminded me of the Y of my childhood: there were metal painted gym lockers, cream colored walls, a […]

Sea Monster

… from the Akumel Lagoon in Tulum, Mexico. Rada, Poul and I saw yellow striped fish, bright blue parrot fish and big grey ones. The lagoon was a naturally situated ocean pool with limestone rocks and landscaped with lush shrubbery and modern sculpture. Rada did most of the snorkeling on her own… but when tired, […]