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brain power

This is why they’re so smart: lots of circulation to the brain.


The campers are gathered around the fire. The easy chair is part of the campsite, and the crocodile is tame.

trajectory of a cold

Jan 16-18: daughter succumbs to sickness: listless, tired, coughy and sneezy. Mother in good health. Jan  18-19: daughter remains groggy, coughy. Mother feels onset of fatigue and slight sore throat – immediately reverts in to ‘rest’ mode… long naps, abbreviated social schedule. Jan 19: lapse in judgment — Mother and daughter go to local indoor […]


At the library yesterday, Rada picked up a DVD and CD for something called “Camp Rock”. It looked innocuous enough: a Disney movie about a young woman learning to be true to herself, honoring humble roots, and all this taking place in a summer camp for aspiring rock musicians. Well, the DVD was pleasantly bland […]


Oh winter…! how do I love thee. Let me count the ways — When the cold slush of a rainy day turns to ice, gritty with soot and dirt: how blasted lovely. When the grimy snow melts, partially freezing to an outer shell, with no warning now slick and cold: how damn exciting! When the […]

breaking free

This week Rada went to theatrical day camp. They sang songs, learned dances and made unusual and interesting objets d’art. At school, Rada conforms to a very strict dress code, but at camp the kids wear whatever they want to. Rada could show up in polka dot pajamas with striped tights if she wanted to. […]

The Santa Claus Problem

Last weekend, ‘Santa Claus’ made an appearance in downtown Cambridge.  Rada gleefully met him and related all her wish lists for Christmas. A few days ago ‘Santa’ made another appearance at the local mall. We noticed that this Santa looked really different from the other one. What am I supposed to say about that? How […]

the reading bug

She recently came down with it. One day she was reading out loud, stumbling over words, and the next she lay curled up on the couch head buried in a book, reading silently to herself, oblivious to the world around her. She asks me could she have the book next to her on the table […]

On the upswing

Currently, I can do no wrong in my daughter’s life. As we walk along the sidewalk towards school, she hangs off my arm declaring, “Oh my mommy… MY mommy, MommyWommy!”… and at home she spontaneously tells me she loves me, constantly. I get lots of hugs for no reason, and lately she thinks my outfits […]

The day the cast came off

…it was going to be grand: Rada would get back mobility in her arm. We would preserve the cast for posterity, displayed in some honored place in her room, not unlike a moose head. For me, life would return normal: No more lady-in-waiting. And no more strange contraptions constructed out of plastic bags and masking […]