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Last week, Rada fell off the monkey bars at school and fractured her wrist. I got the call at noon on a Friday and rushed to school to find a sobbing girl cradling her arm in the nurse’s office.  A series of trips to primary care and Children’s Hospital resulted in the fine cast you […]


The principal of my daughter’s school is an African American man. The governor of the state we live in is an African American man. And our president-elect is an African American man. But these men are so much more than the mere color of their skin or accident of their gender. They’re all good parents, […]

honey crisp

My track record with resisting temptation of the edible variety is not good. I spent one summer, after quitting smoking, systematically clearing out the local convenience store of M&N chocolate peanuts. The situation got so bad that I would get one bag of M&Ns after lunch, swearing it  would last the rest of the day. […]


I’ve been avoiding many problems this fall, brushing them to the back of the queue, pretending they’re not there, or will go away if ignored. You know the drill. Anyway, one of the problems I’ve been avoiding is telling my daughter’s teacher about a vacation in mid-October which will necessitate my daughter being out of […]

the expert & the soccer player

My daughter has several cognitive and gross motor delays and she’s received remedial services over the past several years. Earlier this month, she went through her 3-year comprehensive review. The school psychologist and I talked on the phone last week and although she had many lovely things to say about Rada — her personality, her […]


Following the directions on their website, this is how I got to KidsPlayground from Somerville last weekend:


I fondly remember my pet worm Henry. I found him one afternoon in the school yard. A suitable habitat was constructed for Henry, filled with earth and leaves. I’m not exactly sure how long he stayed with me before being released to the wild or coming to a less auspicious end. Recently, Rada took ‘Ben’ […]

In the way

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nasal discomfort

R: Mom, I think I have a noodle in my nose. M: How did that happen? R: Well, I was smelling the noodle and I sniffed it right into my nose. M: Hm… R: Wait a minute. Its not a noodle; its just snot. M: Oh, good.

…how’s your integrity?

Seen on a wall in Providence, RI on the campus of Brown University.