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Last week we went to buy turtles. We’d seen some cute little green ones owned by our neighbors, and they seemed easy to care for. So after a long discussion on responsibility and ownership, we headed to the pet store. Rada had already picked out names for them and was very excited. The clerk, however, […]


Cycling home from work, I noticed someone had spilled a box of crayons in the street: The next day, they were still there, but more downtrodden: And today there was still an echo of color in the street:

useful children

The challenge: pick the cherries. The team: The strategies: Aikena climbs. On Rebecca’s shoulders, Rada picks cherries that would otherwise be out of reach. Here is the result:


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My daughter is spending 2 weeks with her aunt in upstate new york. She attends the local day camp and plays with neighborhood kids in the afternoons. Worried that she would not be able to spend such a long span ot time away from me, I brought Rada to my sister’s house with the tentative plan to leave […]


She keeps churning them out: “It is a procession to see the Queen” and… “Friends come to visit the bird in its nest.”

lucky boy

Eric is a lucky boy. For his birthday today, he’s getting this card from Rada: Its a Celtics player slam dunking the ball. Note the arrows pointing its trajectory. The player is #20, apparently of great meaning to a devotee such as Eric. The inside of the card further celebrates Celtics pride: with a trophy […]

Driving in circles

My daughter’s and my entire life revolves almost exclusively around 20 square blocks of Cambridge, Somerville, and part of Boston. Our primary modes of transit are walking, biking, taking the bus or T, and occasionally driving when necessary. This week has been different. My daughter is in special day camp in Winchester and my mom […]


All over the house I constantly discover animals and things arranged as if in a still life or tableau: Unicorn with plastic bottle. Polar bear with hair clip and elk. Dance party. T-rex giving two baby bears a ride. She sets them up absentmindedly, and then forgets about them. Aren’t they cool?


This evening, Rada decided she was a wise old dog named Shadow. I poured her a bowl of water which she messily lapped up from the kitchen floor. Then I set out a bowl of ‘dog food’ (actually dried apricots) which she knelt before and happily dug in. After that, she decided she wanted to […]