A Geography Lesson for Dick Cheney



After a speech in Dallas, a journalist inquired into Dick Cheney’s views on Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. His response: “the people of Perú deserve better… leadership.” The country begs to differ. The United States deserves better leadership. To help the Executive shape and articulate a foreign policy, our country requires a Vice President with knowledge of geography.

“We have refrained from making public pronouncements about Mr. Chávez — I think, for good and legitimate reasons. He’s a — obviously, an individual with his own agenda. And he spends a great deal of his time worrying about us and criticizing the United States…And the people of Perú (sic), I think, deserve better in their leadership.” Embarrassing! The “slip” or mistake is symptomatic of a mindset: our southern border is Finisterre, beyond it, the chaotic void of Latinalia.

A country experienced in embarrassment from the current administration, public displays of ignorance from its leadership are still not welcome. As the White House team comes to mind, Karl Rove, a senior advisor, does not have a college degree. Consistency, like world geography, is not one of Dick Cheney’s strengths. On a CSPAN interview of April 15, 1994 he stated that invading Iraq would create a quagmire http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YENbElb5-… , the same quagmire faced by our troops today. The Vice President seems to forget that no weapons of mass destruction, no connections with Al-Qaeda prior to our military intervention, and no civil war existed prior to our invasion. Three thousand of our boys and girls dead and a price tag of $300 Billion in taxpayer money has been the result of his inconsistency. The administration was charged with the duty to apprehend Osama Bin Laden. Where is he? Last we heard he was coiffing his beard while in the business of making videos. The Bush/Cheney White House has failed miserably in the task and has diverted the nation’s attention chasing giants and windmills in Iraq. Allowing General Colin Powell to embarrass himself in front of the United Nations and the world, pardoning a convicted felon (former chief of staff Libbey), the Bush-Cheney episode, soon to conclude, has been one of the darkest clouds in American executive branch history.

Fourth-world tyranny and “caudillismo” are characterized by secret tortures, prisoners of war, and lack of due process. The US now maintains prisons and torture chambers in Cuban territory (Guantánamo) rivaling those of Caribbean fossil Fidel Castro. Constitutionally protected civil rights are now a whim championed by “liberals.”

Since Dick Cheney’s days as Vice President are numbered, one can safely ask without fear of a holiday stay in tropical Guantánamo: isn’t his interview on CSPAN in 1994 and his present stance not evidence of the biggest “flip-flop” in Vice Presidential history. We can afford to offer the Vice President a geography lesson. Venezuela (Hugo Chávez’s fiefdom) lies north of Perú.

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