Miami’s Fake Princess Now Divorced from Greenberg Traurig Partner. Real Emperor Dies in Paris


The marriage of Thi Nga Goldman (TiNa, her childhood name in Chatelet) to Miami lawyer Steven Goldman has ended. Court records indicate that the partner at Greenberg Traurig has filed for divorce.
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While the divorce of the faux Imperial Highness was finalized (a Miami Beach created by Ana Remos, Selecta Magazine and the Bass Museum), the death of His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Bao Long, eldest son and heir of the late Emperor Bao Dai, last Emperor of Vietnam, titular head of the Nguyen Dynasty, was announced in Paris.

In the press release made public by the royal family, Mrs. Goldman is obviously absent:

The Imperial Order of the Dragon of Annam

HIH Crown Prince Bao Long, the eldest son and heir of of the late Emperor Bao Dai, the last monarch of Vietnam, died in Paris on 28 July 2007 at the age of 71.

Prince Nguyen-Phuc Bao Long was born at the Kien-Trung Palace in the Purple Forbidden City, Hue, on 4 January 1936, eldest son of Emperor Bao Dai by his first wife, Empress Nam Phuong. He was educated in Vietnam and France, and underwent military training at the École Militaire de St Cyr (Coëtquidan, France) and the École d’Instruction de la Cavalerie et de l’Artillerie (Saumur, France).
Appointed as Heir Apparent with the style of Dong-Cung Hoang-Thai Tu, 17th September 1938, the Prince was invested in an elaborate Mandarin ceremony at the Palace of Can-Chanh, in the Purple Forbidden City, Hue, on 7 March 1939. Granted the style of His Imperial Highness on 18 June 1945, he came of age and was confirmed as Heir Apparent on 15 June 1954. The Prince represented Vietnam at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey, in London on 2 June 1953.
The Prince was commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant in the 1st Armoured Cavalry Regiment of the French Foreign Legion on 14 July 1955, served in Algeria 1955-1958, retiring as Captain in 1958. Honorary Lieutenant Colonel of the Regiment of Musketeers, 1949; Honorary Colonel of Imperial Guard, Vietnamese Army. He received the Kim Boi medal 1st class, Grand Cordon of the National Order of Merit of Vietnam (15 June 1954), the Order of the Legion of Honour, the Cross of Military Valour with red, silver and bronze stars (1958), France’s North Africa Medal (1997) and the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal (1953).
The Prince retired from a long career in investment banking and lived quietly for most of his adult life in London and Paris. He succeeded on the death of his father as Head of the Imperial House of Vietnam and Sovereign of the Imperial Orders on 31 July 1997.

The following email is received from a friend of Thi Nga Goldman’s family who previously submitted a comment to this site:

We have met all the family in their Chatelet Vietnamese restaurant in Paris.

The person adds:
We are friends of Ung Thi family , the VN restaurant in Place Chatelet is closed now , our son Ng Khoi was working there when he was a student for Sup Aero and Space ENSAE. It’s possible that there is a confusion of Ung Thi ‘s name , from our side we are certain that our friend Ung Thi is the father of Thi Nga (her child nick name was “TiNa”).

On September 3rd he adds:
You know better than me about some aspects of Ung Thi’s family and the big royal family of Bao Dai . I think you are right about some results of your reseach , HIH is not a correct title for Thi Nga . I am sure there are only 2 HIH princesses daughters of Bao Dai and Nam Phuong: Phuong Mai and Phuong Lien (one was working in a Hong Kong bank , the other was married to the French pilot of Bao Dai and divorced later on) . I have some difficulties to find the name of Ung Thi’s restaurant. I ‘ll try again with our friend Dieu Hy, (daughter of Vinh Du , a royal cousin ) after her summer holidays in Pyrenee until 15 /09/08 . I can tell you now that Thi Nga has two sisters and two brothers. I am trying to have some news from them.

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  1. Mary Olinger

    June 18, 2011 @ 1:19 pm


    Thank you for the very interesting update. More power to you!!!!

  2. BichDungThiNguyen

    August 28, 2012 @ 2:51 pm


    Emperor MinhMang =prince Nguyen Phuoc Dom(1830-18410) HAVE TWO SON

    Emperor Thieu Tri and Prince Mien Tham

    Princess Cong Tang Ton Nu Thi Nga is Prince Mien Tham side of family

    Prince= Mien Tham
    Prince= Huong Khang
    prince= Ung Thi
    Princess= Cong Huyen Ton Nu Thi Nga

    Sorry that I mislead on the top comment that her name was “Ton”
    I stand Corrected that the princess is should be call as

    Cong Huyen Ton nu Thi Nga because her great grand father is a prine not Emperor.

    here is the order of middle should be call

    1 generation= call Hoang De is brother of the king
    2 generation= Call Cong Tu
    3 generation= call Cong Ton for male Cong Ton U for female
    4 generation= call Cong Tang Ton for male Cong Tang Ton Nu for female
    5 generation= call Cong Huyen Ton for male Cong Huyen Ton Nu for female
    6 generation= call Ton That for male and Ton Nu for female

    note Nu stand for female

    I hope this will help every one understand in detail of Princess Cong Huyen Ton Nu “Thi Nga”

  3. atheneum

    September 14, 2012 @ 6:14 pm


    Ung Thi was never a prince. You have the information totally incorrect. I have researched the family line and consulted with all experts. We even established contact with the Order of the Dragon. Sorry. Go back to your research. I can name my son Prince or Princess. Ung-Thi was simply a rich man.